Set your child up for a fulfilling life.


Get life-changing insights and practical strategies to help your child thrive in school, work, and life.


Set up your child for success.


I'll give you life-changing insights and practical strategies to set your child up for success in school, work, and life.


Are you afraid of failing your kids?


I understand how overwhelming it is to be a parent. The stakes couldn’t be higher, as every decision you make impacts your child's future. 

I believe that your child deserves to be happy and fulfilled. That’s why for the past 14 years, I’ve empowered hundreds of students thrive in school, work and life. When you're clear on your kids' strengths and capabilities, you'll give them the support they need.

School only works for 20% of kids.


That's not OK.


That means an overwhelming majority of students struggle to succeed in the traditional educational environment. 

Early signs of stress often appear in 2nd or 3rd grade. 

The child who loved kindergarten and 1st grade is suddenly struggling. Without early intervention, those children are prone to disengage. Or worse, they are referred to ADD testing and [mis]labeled with a cognitive disorder. 

I know each child is gifted with perfect talents. Though school may not always play to their strengths, children have a wonderful way of contributing to the world.

I identify what makes your child so special and support you in making the right decisions as a parent.


What if you knew exactly how to meet

your child's needs?

  •  You would help your child make confident choices about the future.
  • You would help your child to thrive in school.
  • You would save time and money by investing in the right educational path the first time.
  • You would bring peace, order, and relaxation to your home.
  • You would be an all-star parent.
  • Your child would feel fulfilled in all areas of life, leading to happiness and better health. 

Being in the right career is not a luxury, 

it's a necessity.


It's exhausting to be in a role that doesn’t fit. Not only are you unhappy, but also your productivity, health, and relationships suffer.

You deserve to fill a purpose, not just a seat. That’s why, for the past 14 years, I've empowered thousands of people to fight for a career that honors their unique talents, passions, and skills. I will do the same for you.


I'll help you parent with no regrets.


I discovered my MO in 6th grade. It truly changed the course of my life. I want every child to have the same benefit of knowing their superpowers as early as possible. And I want to help YOU be their best advocate.

Be your child's best advocate.


You've got 18 years to set your kids up for success and happiness. Invest that precious time in helping them know and harness their unique capabilities.

Let's get started.

BrainyAct™ Natural Abilities Assessment


For kids ages 3-9

  • 90-min session with Emily
  • BrainyAct™ Natural Abilities Assessment (with play kit to keep!)
  • 5-page Natural Abilities Report
  • Tips & Tricks Cards with easy strategies to support your child
  • Practical strategies to foster your child's success in school and at home

Student Aptitude


For students ages 10-22

  • 90-min session with Emily
  • Student Aptitude Quiz™ natural strengths assessment
  • Stress-Reduction Strategies Report

  • Test-Taking Success Strategies Report

  • Practical strategies to foster your child's success in school and at home

I want you to be fully satisfied.

I want you to be blown away by your experience. If you aren't fully satisfied, I will do everything I can to make it right.

Laura Moon, Managing Partner at BareSlate & Mom

Emily helped me not only feel confident in being authentic but also how to guide my child to find her power. As parents, we try to help our children, but it is hard to see who they are. Emily helped me understand my child, how all the little quirky things are small pieces of what makes her power. This knowledge is helping me to recognize our differences and how her piece is part of our family puzzle. I can now create an environment that will enable my child to find and live in her power. With this knowledge, I can hold her hand and move through the world with her without resistance. Emily, thank you for your kindness and patience and for seeing who my child is on the inside.  

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