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5 Tips for Harnessing Your Innovative Energy

creativity innovation personal development strengths tips Sep 28, 2018


Are you always seeking a new method, a new approach? Are you motivated by challenge? Do you feed off of high risk/high reward situations?


You have an innate ability to look at things in a new and fresh way. Your flexibility and willingness to rethink the situation is not only natural to you, but also invaluable to your personal success and that of your team/organization.


Here are 5 tips for harnessing your instinctual knack for innovation:


#1: Don’t apologize for your shortcuts or insistence on the bottom line.

You are a visionary. Your mind is in the future. So, understandably, you can’t get bogged down with traditional systems or minute details. However, appreciate the fact that others are wired differently. Though you may not need to research the facts or follow the plan, give others the space and time to do so.


#2: Be sensitive to those who don’t embrace change as you do.

Recognize that change can be stressful for others. In those instances, be sure to point out things that will stay the same. It is also helpful to describe the change as an “enhancement,” which focuses the discussion on the positive impact of the transition.


#3: Wait until the last minute.

Yes, you read it correctly. Your energy is charged when you are up against a deadline. You are most motivated (and oftentimes do your best work) in the 11th hour, so take advantage of the time crunch! Just be sure to warn others of your last-minute approach.


#4: Rely on verbal communication.

You are naturally charismatic with words…so use them! Tell people what you are doing and get their buy-in. Your effectiveness in selling your vision is a key component of your success.


#5: Capture your ideas.

Your strong suit is to constantly develop new ideas. The trouble is capturing them! Ensure that you do not forget or lose track of your best thoughts by using these strategies:

  • Leave yourself a voicemail.
  • Keep and journal and pen in your car.
  • Tell Siri to make a note.
  • Talk out your idea in a quick cell phone video.


No matter where you are or what time it is, make sure you have an easy way to capture your ideas.


Never forget this:

The world needs YOU and all of your wild, crazy ideas.


You've got this 👊

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