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How rituals can increase your fulfillment


I always brush my teeth after showering.

On the occasions that I take two showers in a day, I still have an intense urge to brush my teeth after my second shower.  🪥🦷


That's because habits are powerful:

✅ They create muscle memory

✅ They don't use up your striving energy

✅ They free our minds to wander or focus on other things


So, if you're struggling to consistently complete an activity, make it a ritual 

You can even piggyback it with a habit that you already have established.

For example:

👉 Do your daily devotions during your morning coffee.

👉 Always take a 15-minute walk after you take your kids to the bus stop.

👉 Call a family member to catch up when you get in the car.

👉 Clean up your email inbox at 4 PM each day.

👉 Listen to an audio book while getting ready in the morning. 

👉 Tidy the house for 15 minutes before bed. 


Even for folks like me who aren't instinctually routinized, habits cause us to CRAVE the activity. And without intense effort, the task gets done.


Remember, a fulfilling life requires controlling your time and habits.  

What daily rituals do you have?


Here's to your fulfillment!

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