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How to Deal with a Bad Boss

career professionaldevelopment professionals stress Sep 09, 2021
A unfulfilled employee dealing with a bad boss


I don't have to tell you that a bad boss makes for UNfulfilling work.

If you're struggling with a bad boss, use these strategies to improve your relationship:


#1: Think beyond your relationship.

When you have a bad boss, it's natural to ask, "Why ME? What is it about ME that he doesn't like? Why does he have it out for ME?" While the conflict could come from your boss' feelings toward you, consider that it may also have nothing to do with you.

Your boss could be going through a difficult time - personally and/or professionally. He could be under tremendous amounts of stress. Is your boss' boss tough to deal with, for example? While there's no excuse for taking it out on you, it's helpful to empathize with your boss' situation.


#2: Help your boss succeed.

This may sound strange, particularly if you are not on great terms with your boss. But remember that she is working to accomplish a vision too. If you can help her reach her goals, she may be more inclined to help you reach yours.


#3: Let your boss know she matters.

Your boss may be projecting negativity because she feels unimportant. She may think that no one recognizes or appreciates her. Find something that you appreciate about your boss and let her know that she's noticed and matters.


#4: Change your attitude.

Mirroring is a strong psychological tool. Humans naturally reflect the persona of the people around them. Your negativity may be upping the negativity of your boss, which creates a downward spiral effect. Try taking on a more positive tone in your voice, writing, and body language.


#5: Share your needs and goals.

If you feel that your boss is not supporting your professional development, take charge of your future. Make a plan for your growth and share your vision with your boss. Ask him to help you reach your professional goals.


#6: Open up.

Is the relationship with your boss all about work? It may be helpful to open up personally. To the degree that you feel comfortable, share something about your personal life. Ask about hers. This may help to soften her defenses and develop a greater understanding.


Here's the bottomline:

Don't suffer with a bad boss. Know that you can make the situation better.



You've got this 👊

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