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How to Get Control of Your To-Do List


I heard something recently that really convicted me:

Most people try to be more "productive" by doing ALL of the things, but more efficiently. 
What we should focus on is doing less things. 

Does that hit you in the gut like it does me?

I used to say "yes" before hearing the end of the sentence (and I still fight the knee-jerk response). 

I love new ideas.

I love helping people out.

FOMO is real.

But trying to be all things to all people meant I wasn't anything to anyone.

Are you familiar with Zero-Based Budgeting? It's where you start at $0 and add back in each [justified] expense.

I encourage you to do Zero-Based Productivity.

Start with a blank sheet of paper and ONLY add back in those tasks that truly bring you fulfillment. 

Everything else must be deleted, delegated, automated, or retooled. 

To help you do this, I created The Task Allocator™️ Worksheet. You can download your FREE copy here


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