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You must do THIS to be fulfilled

comparison inspiration personal development Mar 03, 2022


My message for you today is short, but very powerful:

Run your own race.

When you look left and right to compare yourself to others, you trip up.

Keep your eyes on the future you want.

Make your today better than your yesterday.

There's a saying:

"Comparison is the thief of joy."

It's so true.

Comparison will also deprive you of fulfillment.

Here's a quick exercise to stay focused:

✅ Take 15 minutes to write down your vision for the future.

✅ Review and revise your Personal Vision Statement every morning.

✅ Better yet, hang your Personal Vision Statement where you can see it throughout your work day.


A fulfilling life requires focusing on what's most important for YOU 🙌

You've got this! 👊

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