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"I found it to be beneficial and eye opening. You helped me regain the confidence I had lost. I really appreciate your encouragement and good vibes. I definitely chalk my experience with you as a very positive and uplifting one."


"Our conversation was really clarifying for me, in ways both big and small. I'm so glad I had the opportunity to work with you! Thanks for everything."


"Emily was so helpful in really explaining my strengths in depth. The meeting overall was eye opening."


"I wanted to thank you! I have better clarity now than six months ago. My boss has even seen an improvement on my leadership skills and adaptability. Thank you so much!"


"It is nice to know that I'm not flawed. I have my own way of how I do things and that is okay. Emily's compassion and encouragement throughout the process helped me understand myself and what talents I can bring to the table."


"Thank you so much for helping me understand where my strengths will best be utilized in the workforce. I found that I likely need a career change to make sure I am maximizing what I bring to the table as best as possible - and that is not currently working in my current career path. Thank you for helping me change my life for the better."

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"If you have a chance to speak with Emily, I'm telling you right now, take her up on it because 

it's going to change the trajectory of your life."


Alex Kuhn, CEO of Kuhn Solutions Group

More Success Stories:

Emily B was out of work for a year...

Hi, I’m Emily. I am a software Configuration Manager who recently accepted a job at a federal contractor after being out of the workforce for over a year. I wasn’t sure where to even start to put myself back out in the field. Every job search I’d done in the past was grueling and I wasn’t sure I could do it again. Emily was the only one that offered something different… a chance to better know myself, a proven process for finding a job, and helpful resources.

I decided to give Emily’s offer a try and I’m so glad I did! She listened to my unique situation and tailored her process to meet my needs and goals. Each meeting was packed with useful, new information and a clear path forward. She was excited to help me and built up my self-confidence. I found myself becoming excited with the whole process, too! There was still a lot of work to do, but it was so much easier being on the right path. It wasn’t long and I received several interview invitations, one of which turned into a job offer!

I would definitely recommend Emily’s coaching process to anyone struggling with job searching. It really made a positive difference in how I look at myself and how I will approach future job search endeavors.

Scott K wanted to make a career pivot...

‘Extremely supportive’ is the phrase that I would use to describe Emily. I had the pleasure of working with Emily on my recent job search and she helped me land my dream job. Job hunting is a whole different process than it was ten years ago when I conducted my last search. Emily quickly got me set up for success through her program - and the relationship didn’t end there. I was particularly impressed with the support she gave while I pursued my new position. She was there any time I had a question, wanted to share a success, or talk me through a failure. She also makes a killer charcuterie board! 

If you're searching for a job or are struggling to find fulfillment in your career, don’t go it alone. Emily has the knowledge, the tools, and the desire to come alongside you on your journey and make an impact on your career. I highly recommend Emily as a career coach.

Laura M was feeling lost...

I first noticed Emily when I was looking for someone who believed in being true to themself. Emily lives her life authentically, and without fear of judgement, she is sincere. I was drawn to her innate ability to say no to things that didn't feel right. I believe that real work lies in discovering our superpower so we can harness that potential and share it with the world. Emily helped me to feel confident in being authentic.

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